Fox Blocks: Sustainable Solutions

What are Fox Blocks

What are Fox Blocks?

Fox Blocks are a system of rigid insulation blocks made of EPS that are separated by plastic webbing. These blocks are insulated concrete forms, which means that during construction reinforced concrete is poured into the blocks to create a concrete wall (instead of a traditional wood plank or plywood frame). Once the concrete is poured, finishes (like drywall and siding) are attached to fastener strips embedded in the ICF walls. After ICF wall assembly, the ICF blocks fit together like Lego Bricks.

The Fox Blocks Difference

Where Sustainability Meets Safety


Fox Blocks has been making insulated concrete forms since 2015, and with a family-owned parent company that manufactures plastics, sustainability is at the core of everything they do. With a constant supply of first-generation recycled plastic, Fox Blocks ICF plastic webs and corner brackets are made with usable plastic waste which dramatically reduces Fox Blocks' carbon footprint. 

Additionally, ICF wall assembly creates a natural continuous air barrier which reduces heating cooling cost dramatically and creates more energy efficient homes - it even puts Net Zero Energy goals within reach! Fox Blocks ICF improves a building's performance characteristics drastically, achieves Net zero building in the construction process, and works to keep your family healthier while also helping the environment!

The Fox Blocks Difference

Fox Blocks aren't just good for the environment, they're also the safest choice for your family. Fox Blocks ICF wall assembly meets and exceeds safety, resilience, and durability requirements for Division 3 Concrete for Federal, Military, and DoD Standards! Fox Blocks steel reinforced concrete walls keep you and your family safe during extreme weather events. 

As an added bonus, Fox Blocks wall assembly works to create a continuous natural vapor barrier with creates an environment with healthier air quality for you! Fox Blocks wall assembly allows for almost no vapor, virtually eliminating moisture intrusion, mold, and rot!


With plenty of options for concrete core thicknesses, Fox Blocks can be used to design nearly anything you can dream up! Plus, Fox Blocks walls work with virtually any exterior or interior finish (like traditional stucco, brick, stone, or fiber cement siding). 

Wind Resistance

Wind-rated to over 200mph

Fire Resistance

Up to 4-hour fire rating

Earthquake protection

Engineering available for all seismic zones

Moisture protection

Prohibits the growth of mold, mildew, and rot.

Sound Insulation

70% better sound transmission compared to wood frame

Heat Insulation

Between 40-70% in energy savings

Fox Blocks is the Right Choice for Your Home and the Planet

Fox Blocks resilient construction stands up against the elements, provides a healthier home interior environment for your family, gives you accurate climate control (and huge savings) while minimizing sound mitigation, bringing lifetime energy savings, and working with all exterior and interior finishes. There's no better choice for your new home construction than Fox Blocks ICF. Call us today!

Wondering what amount you need?

Using the calculator at,you can easily calculate the amount and types of ICF Concrete Forms you need to complete your construction - whether that's an ICF basement or a whole new home.

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