ICF Construction: Durable, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable

What is ICF Construction

What is ICF Construction?

ICF (or Insulated Concrete Form) is a system of rigid insulation blocks made of EPS that are separated by plastic webbing. These blocks are concrete forms - during ICF construction, reinforced concrete is poured into the blocks to create a concrete wall (instead of a traditional wood plank or plywood frame). Once the concrete is poured, finishes (like drywall and siding) are attached to fastener strips embedded in the ICF walls. In the end, the ICF blocks fit together like Lego Bricks. Each ICF wall is seamlessly formed to create a tight building envelope.

As climate concerns rise, and more individuals begin to assess their ecological footprint, insulated concrete form construction has become more and more common in both residential and commercial construction. ICF homes are extremely durable with reinforced steel throughout the concrete walls, their exterior walls provide a thermal mass that is ideal for keeping homes environmentally friendly because they allow for no thermal bridging, and every ICF home has a simplified construction process. 

ICF Manufacturers

As ICF construction becomes more commonplace, there are worldwide manufacturers of ICF Blocks, but Fox Blocks is an industry leader. Fox Blocks is committed to sustainability not only in the distribution of ICF Blocks to create more energy efficient homes, but also in their manufacturing process. They have ZERO plastic landfill contribution, and each piece of EPS is high-quality and tested for its tolerance. Fox Blocks ICF plastic webbing and corner brackets are all made of first generation recycled materials. 
So, Fox Blocks not only contributes to sustainability by constructing long-last buildings resilient to extreme weather events: they also support sustainability and recycling in their manufacturing processes.

ICF Manufacturers
Wind Resistance

Wind-rated to over 200mph

Fire Resistance

Up to 4-hour fire rating

Earthquake protection

Engineering available for all seismic zones

Moisture protection

Prohibits the growth of mold, mildew, and rot.

Sound Insulation

70% better sound transmission compared to wood frame

Heat Insulation

Between 40-70% in energy savings

The Benefits of using Insulated Concrete Forms

Energy Efficiency in ICF Homes

ICF blocks come in interlocking sections, so an ICF block wall system fits tightly together. Once the blocks are in place, concrete is poured, and finishes (like drywall and siding) are attached to fastener strips embedded in the insulation. Because ICF blocks are blocks of concrete separated by two continuous panels of EPS foam, the flow of heat is significantly reduced and the blocks do not allow for thermal bridging. This means that hot and cold don't escape through breaks in the wall or insulation - because there are none! ICF homeowners enjoy lower energy bills than owners of traditional wood frame homes. 

ICF insulation provides superior thermal comfort, energy savings, and sound mitigation compared to foam insulation used in conventional construction. With ICF building materials, you can easily have an energy efficient home (or even a passive house) with little to no air infiltration - even with the necessary addition of door and window openings.

Energy Efficiency
ICF Home Safety

We have one of the strongest wall assemblies available with ICF building, exceeding safety, resilience, and durability requirements for FEMA-ATFP Federal Military Standards. Not only are our ICF structures made of concrete, the wall systems are also reinforced with steel. This durability and resistance creates a much safer home for your family than traditional wood frame construction.

Additionally, our panels create spaces with healthier air quality. Blocked wall assemblies have a PERM rating of <1.0, virtually eliminating moisture intrusion, mold, and rot from your list of concerns.

The Construction Process of an ICF House

Blocked ICF Blocks by Fox Blocks simplify the building process because they are versatile and easy to assemble. Our block design saves construction time and reduces product waste with a solid 2" parallel friction fit connection that is reversible! Wall assembly is quick and easy with fewer materials and a simplified installation process.

Ready to start building with ICF?

Using the calculator at foxblocks.com, you can determine the amount and types of ICF Block you need to complete your construction - whether that's an ICF basement or a whole new home.

Wondering what amount you need?

Using the calculator at foxblocks.com,you can easily calculate the amount and types of ICF Concrete Forms you need to complete your construction - whether that's an ICF basement or a whole new home.

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